Ethan and his mom discussing Jackson Pollock’s “Convergence”.

Ethan James Moss is a high school student at Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX.  Loving his art classes early in elementary, Ethan continued educating himself through a variety of art camps, classes and experimentation at home.  His hobby has become a creative outlet that he enjoys greatly.

Ethan met his mentor, local artist Melanie Brannan, during a summer camp.  She taught him a great deal from making eyes to mixing paint to using a variety of brushes.  He has spent plenty of time in her backyard art studio trying out new mediums and tools.

Ethan’s mom, Carla, an interior designer, also recognized his talent and encouraged him to paint a few pieces for various rooms in the home.  The rest is history.  While his mom dictates only the colors, Ethan takes off in a variety of directions utilizing various texture mediums and a palette knife.

Ethan now specializes in abstract and contemporary art, working to create texture, depth and to draw his audience in his colorful world.  He often can point out small little images with in that painting that fit in the greater whole.  When not at school or making art, Ethan is often found at local art museums or gallery shows with his family discussing the latest techniques and talents.