Seasons of Mist

I feel like I’m always running out of time, but last weekend I got inspired to knock out my Thrift Studio entry for 2020.  My parents were in Michigan visiting my older brother at college, so I could had full utilization of our garage and could make a big mess.

My grandfather “Papa” just passed away and he inspired me as I created my piece.  The piece is called Seasons of Mist.

“In a world where chaos is inevitable and life can get crazy in a heartbeat, God is always with us especially when we lean in and trust him. This piece for me communicates just that. This past December, my grandfather passed away–something my family had seen coming but was still hard to process. In moments like this peace will come–with hope–out of the chaos, like crashing waves. This painting sums up my grandfathers personality: calming yet liveliness, living full and fun yet tranquil. This painting is called Seasons of Mint, as it reflects blues, greens (my grandfather’s favorite color), and turquoises with powerful strokes that communicate power and softness in the ever changing times in our lives.”



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2020 Thrift Studio

I’m going for it!  This year’s Dwell with Dignity Thrift Studio is on the horizon.  Check out last year’s artists including my piece Life is a Mist which I’m happy to report SOLD!

And no, I’m not in the photo because I had to run for my high school choir concert. But everyone was so nice to me, someone even offered to give me a ride home!   Luckily I just got my license and felt fairly adult.  If you are an artist and want to join me in the running, let’s go!

Thrift Studio Opening Night

Thrift Studio opened on Thursday night and it was awesome.  Although I had to rush over from a choir concert and managed to at least rip off the bow tie, I had a great time.  Alison Dale, a Dallas interior designer with the firm Harbinger Designs, selected my painting for her vignette.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. There was such a buzz in the room and it was packed with designers, artist and tons of people wanting to buy.  Be sure to check out Thrift Studio and buy some great stuff through April 30th.  And please let me know if you purchased my painting, as I would love to see where you are going to put it.

IMG_1343With Dwell with Dignity’s founder, Lisa Robison, with my painting in the background.

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Art & Color Party for Dwell with Dignity

Last night my artwork, Life is a Mist, was unveiled to the Dallas community during Dwell with Dignity’s Art & Color Party.  It was held at the new Aidan Gray showroom in the Dallas Design District and was filled with some great appetizers and drinks for the adults.   I got to visit with my new artist friends, who I had met previously at our initial happy hour, and met lots of new people too.  It was such a fun event and I enjoyed talking about my art to many.  Here’s a peek of me at the event…


After getting my artwork up and set.

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Life’s a Mist

This past weekend I created my DWD artist entry.  I decided to paint two mirror images to ensure my mom wouldn’t become too attached.  This way I would always have one to submit to DWD and one for our house.

The result.  Life’s a Mist….

Ethan Moss - Life's a Mist

This piece originates the idea of mist, and how our life relates a lot to a brief mist; we are here for a short period of time, but once out of the mist we have an eternity in paradise. Life on earth might look like an messy ocean, or a scramble in the rat race, but in the end when God sees our work here is done, we are brought out of the darkness and into the light. Through its organized chaos, this peace makes a subtle, but prominent reminder.

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Dwell with Dignity: Call for Artists

My mom is a big fan of DWD, Dwell with Dignity.  I’ve spent many summers working in the warehouse with superman Scott, who taught me a thing or two about putting together furniture and loading trucks.  My brother and I often volunteer there through YMSL.

DWD Call for Arts 2018

Each year they host a fundraiser called Thrift Studio.  My mom helps out and several years I even attended the event with her.  My favorite part is the Art & Color Party that takes place before that.  They have many great local artists who submit an amazing art piece to be sold in one of the designers vignettes.  It always gives me inspiration.  One year my mom even purchased one from Benson Cobb that hangs in our entry hallway.

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