Life’s a Mist

This past weekend I created my DWD artist entry.  I decided to paint two mirror images to ensure my mom wouldn’t become too attached.  This way I would always have one to submit to DWD and one for our house.

The result.  Life’s a Mist….

Ethan Moss - Life's a Mist

This piece originates the idea of mist, and how our life relates a lot to a brief mist; we are here for a short period of time, but once out of the mist we have an eternity in paradise. Life on earth might look like an messy ocean, or a scramble in the rat race, but in the end when God sees our work here is done, we are brought out of the darkness and into the light. Through its organized chaos, this peace makes a subtle, but prominent reminder.

I started creating the base painting using blue and white oils and some texture using light molding paste.

Then I applied resin and sprinkled glass beads to add some additional texture and interest.

And then finally, I have the finished piece.  Hope you like it DWD!


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