Seasons of Mist

I feel like I’m always running out of time, but last weekend I got inspired to knock out my Thrift Studio entry for 2020.  My parents were in Michigan visiting my older brother at college, so I could had full utilization of our garage and could make a big mess.

My grandfather “Papa” just passed away and he inspired me as I created my piece.  The piece is called Seasons of Mist.

“In a world where chaos is inevitable and life can get crazy in a heartbeat, God is always with us especially when we lean in and trust him. This piece for me communicates just that. This past December, my grandfather passed away–something my family had seen coming but was still hard to process. In moments like this peace will come–with hope–out of the chaos, like crashing waves. This painting sums up my grandfathers personality: calming yet liveliness, living full and fun yet tranquil. This painting is called Seasons of Mint, as it reflects blues, greens (my grandfather’s favorite color), and turquoises with powerful strokes that communicate power and softness in the ever changing times in our lives.”



Making it happen on Phase 1….



Phase 2…resin and minerals…

IMG_7969 2


IMG_6642 2b

I hope you like it and hope it gets picked for Thrift Studio 2020!

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