Life’s a Mist

This past weekend I created my DWD artist entry.  I decided to paint two mirror images to ensure my mom wouldn’t become too attached.  This way I would always have one to submit to DWD and one for our house.

The result.  Life’s a Mist….

Ethan Moss - Life's a Mist

This piece originates the idea of mist, and how our life relates a lot to a brief mist; we are here for a short period of time, but once out of the mist we have an eternity in paradise. Life on earth might look like an messy ocean, or a scramble in the rat race, but in the end when God sees our work here is done, we are brought out of the darkness and into the light. Through its organized chaos, this peace makes a subtle, but prominent reminder.

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Dwell with Dignity: Call for Artists

My mom is a big fan of DWD, Dwell with Dignity.  I’ve spent many summers working in the warehouse with superman Scott, who taught me a thing or two about putting together furniture and loading trucks.  My brother and I often volunteer there through YMSL.

DWD Call for Arts 2018

Each year they host a fundraiser called Thrift Studio.  My mom helps out and several years I even attended the event with her.  My favorite part is the Art & Color Party that takes place before that.  They have many great local artists who submit an amazing art piece to be sold in one of the designers vignettes.  It always gives me inspiration.  One year my mom even purchased one from Benson Cobb that hangs in our entry hallway.

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Glass Half Smashed

I wish I had more time to paint.  But at least my mom gets me going when she decides to redecorate.  This time it is the dining room and she needed me to find time to make her something.  “Wouldn’t it be fun to do something with glass?”, she points to the wine glasses.  “Something with a little shine?”

I remember going on vacation to Watercolor and seeing lots of painters using seaglass in their painting.  Since I didn’t have have seagrass, nor did we have another vacation scheduled to collect it, I broke up some vases of my own.

Here it is….


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The Bent Canvas

We took “E-motion” off the wall for a few days while we painted and reworked the living room.  When we put it back up, it was bent.  We were bummed.  My mom’s photographer friend, recommended a local framer named Debra Stevens.

Not only did she re-stretched the canvas, but she put on a super nice frame.  I also loved her house.  She has some amazing pieces and gave me a tour of the place.  The most eventful part was when we went to put it in our Honda Pilot.  It wouldn’t fit.  Luckily my neighbor Beth has a suburban and it fit perfectly.  My mom and exchanged glances and decided that future painting might want to be sized small than this one…

IMG_2574 sss



In February 2016, my family visited the Dallas Museum of Art.  Jackson Pollock’s work on was on tour and I wasn’t going to miss it.  His work speaks volumes to me.  His paint strokes and splashes all combine in the most complex meaningful way.

An hour or so later, we were sitting in the main lobby enjoying some great food and music when a woman stopped at our table.  She introduced herself said she couldn’t get over how a mother and son showed such an interest in art.  “I actually took this photo of the two of you and wanted you to have a copy”.  We couldn’t thank her enough. It was a photo of my mom and I contemplating the creative movement of Jackson Pollock’s Convergence, 1952.cropped-img_0129.jpg